Liberty Advisory Group is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and we look forward to

developing a retirement income strategy to help meet your overall retirement needs.


With over 20 years experience in the finance industry, Peter J. Laliberte provides methods to proactively safeguard assets and cutting edge industry concepts to generate added peace of mind to clients by offering them a ligh level of professional service.

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The importance of the

holistic approach


Avoiding the ‘cookie-cutter’ mentality of large institutions is a core value at Liberty Advisory Group. We organize our office more as a family rather than strictly a business and so our team is more than simply individual employees.

We carry this approach forward to our clients. Each client receives personal, focused care and attention and all services are designed on a highly individualized basis. That allows us to bring our clients the highest level of service we can offer to meet their every financial need and expectation.

Our clients want a sound approach to establish clearly defined goals. We provide focused analysis, detailed review and long-term plans of action designed to bring you peace of mind, confidence and clarity to your retirement needs.

It’s important to provide clients with a 360 degree view of their retirement needs. Liberty Advisory Group will provide you with a highly focused professional consulting service, college funding, and social security preparedness. We can also help with your Estate Planning and Medicare Benefits needs. We want you well taken care of.